Skin Cancer: what you should know.

The month of May is skin cancer awareness month and I’d like to take this opportunity to address this rapidly rising issue that our world is facing. Although skin cancer is increasing in incidence rate worldwide, the good news is that it is considered to be the most preventable forms of cancer.

Acne: Phenomenon or Disease

Acne is one of the most commonly-occurring skin problems among people of all ages. Studies indicate that 8 out of 10 people develop acne during a certain period of their lives. It is an inflammatory skin disease, that usually results from changes in the skin pores and a disorder of the sebaceous glands associated with …

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Nowadays, there are many modern treatments available for facial skin problems, so the appropriate treatment must be chosen with great care by the specialist. One of the most effective ways to rejuvenate the skin is using microneedling technology, as it helps to reproduce collagen and skin tissue for overall smoother looking skin. 12-36 ultra-fine sterile …

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Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are thin lines that appear on the surface of the skin as a form of skin scarring and fibrosis due to the tightening of the skin over its capacity and its rapid expansion. They occur in a high proportion in adults of both sexes, but are is more common in women. There are …

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Focused Ultrasound Technology in Aesthetic Medicine

There is no doubt that contemporary technology has become a part of every detail of our current lives. Modern technologies in aesthetic medicine, have allowed us to perform non-surgical alternatives to a wide array of cosmetic operations in the simplest, easiest and fastest possible ways while achieving tangible and effective results as well, without a …

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What should you know about Botox?

Botox is considered one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the world. Millions are injected annually with Botox; for both cosmetic and non-cosmetic therapeutic purposes. This substance has been used for more than 30 years to treat movement disorders, nerve diseases that are characterized by excessive muscle activity as well as strabismus problems. Soon …

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