mais nobani
Being a TV presenter imposes a lot of challenges to my skin condition. It’s only Dr. Farida who I refer to and blindly trust for my glowing skin and look
Mais Nobani
TV Presenter
nancy othman
I wouldn't trust any other doctor with my face. She adds a special artistic touch, leaving all her patients feeling more beautiful and confident
Nancy Othman
nancy othman
I feel safe in the hands of a qualified doctor and absolutely love my refreshed skin, I'll definitely be back
Vanessa Arturo
TV Presenter
Love my personal attention to my beauty needs and for your continuous wisdom that prevention is better than cure
Rania Omeish
person 2
كوني خبير تجميل وأسعى دوما نحو الأفضل فيما يتعلق بالصحة والجمال، خياري الأول والوحيد هو الدكتورة فريدا طنوس
جاكوب لمبز
خبير تجميل
person 7
أكثر شي بحبه وبشعره عند د.فريدا طنوس إنها بتقدر تعرف روح الشخص لشو محتاجه .. وما بتخليكي تشبه حدا إلا نفسك لأنها قادرة تشوف الجمال بروح كل وحدة من مراجعاتها
غادة سابا
إعلامية ومخرجة سينمائية
When it comes to my face and appearance, I whole-heartedly trust Dr. Farida and value her input both on my face and my life
Zein Salti
Owner of Zenergie
person 4
I travel the world to visit my trusted doctor... Her extensive experience and excellent treatments are exceptional
Lizan Ali