Questions and Answers

Why do most people prefer to resort to non-surgical cosmetic procedures instead of surgeries?

The world of non-surgical cosmetology has developed rapidly, especially in the last two decades. From new injection to the development of medical devices for various cosmetic issues such as stretching and sculpting, novel treatments have proven effectiveness. All of this to help us to either dispense or delay our need for surgery, which requires hospitalization and full anesthesia, not to mention the recovery period.

The area surrounding the eyes highlight the the face and promote its vitality What are the medical procedures for beautifying it? And what are home remedies to assist us in the process?

The eyes are the most prominent aesthetic feature of the face, and its surrounding area usually shows fatigue quickly, as the skin of the eyelids is thinner than the skin in the rest of the face. The most important factor in preserving the beauty of this region is getting enough hours of sleep and drinking enough water. Also, rubbing this area increases the appearance of pigmentation around it and negatively affects the health and thickness of the skin. Therefore, the commitment must be made not to rub this area and remove makeup in a gentle way.

As for the treatment methods, they are usually chosen according to the problem. A special type of filler can be injected to treat this area in order to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Pigmentation can be treated by laser or injecting lightening materials into the skin through microneedles. Moreover, many devices have been developed to tighten the eyelids without surgery, which have proven results for light to medium severity cases.

What are the therapeutic non-cosmetic uses of Botox?

Botox is used to treat hyperhidrosis and migraines, teeth grinding (Bruxism), dystonia in the eyelids or neck, excessive salivation in addition to many neurological problems that lead to the tightening of certain muscles, which are treated by relaxing such muscles using Botox.

What are the most common hair problems? What are their causes? What are the treatments?

One of the most common hair issues faced by the general population is hair loss, which can be either localized to specific areas of the scalp or complete. When the hair loss is in specific areas of the head only, it has several local causes that are diagnosed by the specialist. As for total hair loss, its causes are either hereditary or a natural reaction of the body after going through any health condition that weakens the body, such as surgical procedures or childbirth, as well as the lack of some types of vitamins or minerals necessary for healthy hair. The treatment is usually directed towards treating the problem leading to loss, as well as injections performed in the clinic with either of or a combination of platelet-rich plasma, mesotherapy, and Regenera technology.

Does laser hair removal completely eliminate the problem of excess hair? Is it a solution for fine or villus hair?

Lasers are the best treatment to permanently reduce hair growth. What all women must understand before starting laser therapy sessions is that laser hair removal does not halt hair growth completely. In general, soft hair or lint does not benefit from the laser. Instead, it is counterproductive and its growth increases if the laser is used in the wrong way, especially in the areas of the face where the hair follicles are resistant to this treatment.

What is the difference between the HIFU technique and facial lifting with lasers?

Ultrasound therapy differs from laser, such that the laser is a pure light source that in most cases treats surface problems of the skin layers (fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, etc.). On the contrary, treatment with focused ultrasound (HIFU) treats the deep layers of the skin as a result of the ability of these waves to penetrate the layers of connective tissues under the skin and constrict them through the produced thermal energy. These deep layers are the same ones targeted in most surgeries to beautify and tighten the skin. Thus, both ultrasound therapy and laser technologies are complementary to each other, used to achieve a tightened face and beautiful radiance.

What is the method of thermal energy injection? And how is it different from other technologies?

As a result of the great scientific development, thermal energy injection emerged, which is a great leap in the world of cosmetology. This is because it differs from other methods by ensuring that the required heat reaches the target layer of the skin without having negative consequences on the skin from the outside, which leads to overall better results.

What are the latest technologies for face and neck lifting without surgery?

There are many techniques, and there is no single magic treatment. More than one treatment technique is usually combined according to the age and condition of the patient, to obtain better outcomes.

Among the most important of these techniques are focused ultrasound, longitudinal radio waves, and thread lifting, in addition to injecting fillers in certain areas of the face to compensate for the missing volume. More than one technique can be combined together according to the treatment plan that the physician sets based on age and condition.

What are the most important nutritional advice for healthy and radiant skin?

The most important aspect is a balanced diet that contains sufficient quantities of important nutrients, such as vitamins, salts and essential minerals. In addition, protein is an extremely important component in the diet, which is important for healthy hair. Eating appropriate quantities of foods that contain antioxidants, such as vegetables is also essential.

What are the essential products that women should buy to avoid falling into the trap of commercial marketing of creams and skincare products?

The staple in everyone’s skincare routine should be sunscreen. It is important thay you pay special attention to the need to use the appropriate sunscreen for your skin type and apply it in an appropriate way.

What are the techniques related to getting rid of fat without surgery? Who are the candidates for these non-surgical techniques and technologies?

As for the methods of removing fat without surgery, they usually involve injecting lipid-breaking treatments locally, with the aim of removing stubborn fat in specific areas, and not losing weight as some might think. As for the medical devices to get rid of fats, there are many devices on the market, some of which have proven and effective results, and some of which unfortunately do not give the desired outcomes.

What is plastic surgery phobia? Do you need to fear?

We do not perform plastic surgery, but rather non-surgical medical procedures. There is usually less fear of non-surgical cosmetology than surgery. In general, it is natural that ignorance of the matter leads to fear of it. Therefore, the most important thing in these cases is to provide the patient with sufficient information as knowledge generates confidence.

Social networks and media outlets promote certain standards of beauty periodically. What is the medical opinion about that?

Beauty cannot be referred to with the the same connotations as fashion, since every face has a special imprint that must be preserved and not changed. Our aim is to show the beauty of each face in an appropriate way to increase the self-confidence of women. As for the standards of beauty, it is a scientific issue that relies on establishing basic aesthetic proportions while preserving the beauty of each face individually.

What advice does the Dermacare Clinic give to women looking for beauty? Seeking a specialist, and having the goal to look and feel like the best version of herself, rather than resembling anyone else. Also, it is essential that you start treating the problem as soon as it arises, and not wait for it to get worse.