Carbon laser facial


Carbon laser is a non-invasive procedure and is sometimes called the charcoal facial or charcoal peel. It involves applying a layer of carbon over the face, which penetrates deep into the pores. Q-switched laser blasts the carbon away, as the light is highly attracted to carbon particles. The carbon absorbs contaminants, and when the laser destroys the carbon it gets rid of these too. The laser is also said to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and oil. In addition, carbon laser restores radiance to the face and gives an immediate beautiful glow.

What you should know

  • Length of procedure: 10- 15 min
  • Anaesthesia: none
  • Results: immediate
  • Number of sessions: 1-3 sessions
  • Session intervals: 1-2 weeks
  • Maintenance: as needed
  • Downtime: none
  • Please note: Sunscreen is recommended after the sessions